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01/02/12 01:26 PM #1    


Sharon O'Neill

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03/31/12 12:21 PM #2    


Sharon O'Neill

Just wanted to let everyone know that Tom Block has a new book is available on Amazon...I have started it and like it....but of course I worked for an it is good memories for me, too.


03/31/12 09:34 PM #3    


Barbara Helgesen (Van Schaick)

I was really surprised to hear that Tom Block was also a renowned author. Delightfully surprised I might add. I will admit that since my high school years I have not been an avid reader. I have this little problem ., reading puts me to sleep, When I decided to go back to school it became a HUGE problem. I used a lot of tapes and I had a high school student help before exams. When I finished my training I was very relieved. Even now, I want to read a news article or a magazine article and nitety night. So the computer makes it easier. Caffeine helped in the old days but now I enjoy my sleep too much. What a class we turned out to be. Tom Block;  Nelson DeMille;Howie Kanner; Marty Ecker and come on classmates who else? Ahhhh...Danny Barbiero; Ann Ryder travelling the world and our own Sharon O'Neill...what would we do without you??????? Here's another little tidbit; Ronnie Pfuhl married my cousin Dee Helgesen after meeting  at my house. He was my brother Harry's friend. Ronnie's nickname was "LEGS" Harry was "EARS" and if I remember correctly Gene Blum was "BUBBUS"...I have no explanation except for Harry...his ears were somewhat out there. Now that he is almost 70 years old, he's filled out , a whole lot, and his ears seem quite normal to me. I also have a funny story to tell about Ronnie Rolf.I'll tell that one next time.Someone else has to write first!!!!!!

 Go Class of 1962!!!!!!!            Barb Helgesen VanSchaick

08/04/12 12:38 PM #4    

Eileen Dorff (Gonzalez)

Sorry I won't be able to join the festivities. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


08/15/12 06:53 PM #5    


Sharon O'Neill

This is from Jesse Hack....

Hi Everyone,
It occurred to me Monday afternoon as I soaked up the sun at Robert Moses State Park, that growing up on an island surrounded by some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, I can't be the only beach bum and/or sun worshipper in the EMHS class of "62. If you agree, let me know and we can try to organize a pre-reunion beach gathering. Keep in mind that old geezers like us have free access to any parking lot at Jones Beach and Robert Moses State Parks every weekday.
My preference would be a Friday at Robert Moses, but I have no problem any day at either beach. Please let me know your preference on our bulletin board or e-mail me directly at: . There are less than four weeks before the big bash so don't sit on this. Whether you can come for five minutes or five hours please get in touch.
For those of us who are digitally challenged, please feel free to call me on my cell phone: 631-882-3224 .
See You All Soon,
Jesse Hack


08/18/12 01:35 PM #6    


Sharon O'Neill

From Judy Innusa......
Dear Sharon,
I am not able to attend the class reunion. I thought I would have enough time and money to make it back to New York. But as you known there are alot of people are out of work here.
I hope we can all stay in touch. If anyone would like to visit Las Vegas, I would be more than happy to be a host.
If you could post this for the rest of my classmates that would be a help.
Judy Innusa Palumbo c 702 683 3929

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