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01/18/12 04:29 PM #1    

Sharon O'Neill

This is from Dorene Weiss:

I remember my good friend Joan Agdern.  She lived on Emily Avenue and I lived on Village Avenue.  We lived close enough to walk to each other's homes where we "hung out" ( before that expression existed).  We also sent long letters back and forth during the summers when Joan went to sleep away camp and I stayed home.  We talked about everything especially ("the boys").

J0an was one of my best friends in junior high school.  We were 2/5 of 'The Silver Dollars'.  There was Joan, Jqcqui Tirman, Hedda Matza, Ellen Schwartz and me - Dorene Weiss aka 'Dinky'.

We teamed up in Mr. Eulies 7th grade home room.  Joan's dad somehow got roped into dividing a silver dollar into five pieces and we each wore a slice on a silver chain around our necks.

I can barely remember the feeling of being a 7th grader at EMHS- too young, too small and so alone.  Now we were connected, we were friends: and we were 'The Silver Dollars'.

I have long since lost my piece of the silver dollar and I seem to be the only one who remembers our vow to meet again in 2000.  Sadly our good friend Joan didn't make it to 2000.  We will miss her.  But in Mr. Eulie's 7th grade homeroom - we ruled!!


07/10/12 01:54 PM #2    

Ellen Schwartz (Jenner)

Joan passed away in 1965 or '66.  I know because I was married in '66. 

Doreen mentions the Silver Dollars getting together in Mr. Eulie's class and I have to tell you all that our oldest daughter lives in Verona, NJ.  She moved in more than a decade ago and was always talking about her good friends and neighbors, the Eulies.  But she said the husband was raised in NJ.  I asked her to ask him as that last name isn't that usual.  Sure enough, the first seven years of his life was in Elmont!  Mr. Eulie has twin grandsons who are now 14 or 15--one is named Joe (what a surprise)!  It really is a small world.

09/07/12 01:31 PM #3    

Marcia Singer

I remained a close friend of Joan throughout our adult life together. Joan passed away on November 2, 1995 after battling Crone's disease since adolescence. I was privileged to speak at the funeral.   Joan did marry - and divorce - and has one beautiful daughter, Jill, who is married with two children.  Joan and I continued to complete the Sunday Times crossword puzzle together - usually over the telephone. I also had the pleasure of being involved as Jill grew up.  Always Joan maintained an upbeat personality, continued to be very involved in healthy endeavors and was lots of fun on every level.  Her sister Jackie, lives nearby to Jill and Joan's mother is in Florida. Joan's friendship is forever and does have a continued impact on my life.   Marcia Singer

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